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This site is about physical culture of men, about athletics. It comprises wrestling, load lifting, gymnastics etc. An example of this combined health care is athletics in Asia, to which a part of site is dedicated. This site reflects different kinds of wrestling existing in Russia, Caucasus, Iran, India, Pakistan. Kinds of wrestling are similar in all nations. We don't mean modern sport wrestling by the FILA version, but original wrestling that growing naturally and independently among athletes of different nations. We define as athlete any man who practice exercises and physical load regularly in any condition - in forest, sport hall, gym, home, school etc. We consider wrestling can be substantial part of bodybuilder's training, and this can help to overcome existing limitations and defects in it (in bodybuilding).

Athletics and wrestling in Asia >>

Sport wrestlers:
Said Murtazaliev
Alexej Mishin
Mhitar Manukqan

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Public at contests
Muscles of strong men and wrestlers (early 1900s)
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What is sport - analytic text
What is Olympic Games - analytic text
Traditional wrestling of osetian folk - original interview, text
Athletics and competitions of russian folk - investigation in russian classic literature
Muscles of grass wrestlers
- gallery, text
Muscles of professional gymnasts from sport-halls
- gallery, text
Muscles of professional wrestlers from sport-halls - gallery, text
Muscle pumping and wrestling
- original article reflecting reality we found out
Paintings of realistic artists of 19-20 century about wrestlers and athletes
- 4 paintings that one can enlarge by clicking them
Blacksmith - photos and text
Champions of greco-roman wrestling
Champions of free-style wrestling
- these 2 the most complete tables cover period of more than 100 years of European sport wrestling existence. They contain prize winners' list at World Championships and Olympic Games
Link exchange with sites of athletics and wrestling - page with links to other sites
Result of questioning - text
Archive of guestbook - text

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